Linux Sucks chapter 2 is up, and a new exclusive article on Chrome OS.
Every laptop and smartphone we can buy right now is tainted in some terrible way.
And that kinda makes me cranky.
GNU, Minix, and the before times
As I (a critic of modern computers) lay here, sick in bed, I'm sure happy I have my Android and iOS gadgets...
Every phone, laptop, and handheld game console should have a removable battery. Anything less is downright criminal.
So here are some advertisements of handheld computers from the 1980s to keep you company while I recover.
This will be the last discount for the foreseeable future.
Text User Interfaces are awesome. Here's one for Linux and one for DOS.
The Linux mascot is now an adorable paper doll! With multiple outfits, accessories, and scenery! Seriously!
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