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Ok. Not ALL of them are about programming...
What will computer technology be like in 15 years?Listen now (22 min) | The Lunduke Journal of Technology Podcast - Feb 3rd, 2023
“This is a major win for the burgeoning ‘artificially make people seem intelligent’ industry,” stated ChatGPT.
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I have a disease where I can't stop telling Linux jokes. Doctor says it's terminal.

January 2023

Planning your data storage, safeguarding it from disaster, and doing the same for your electronics.
New (nerdy) publications! New benefits for subscribers!
As many Tech Publications (like CNET) are moving away from human writers, the Lunduke Journal draws a line.
Roman Numerals are nifty.
“I can use these If-statements to actually make a computer think. To make decisions. Woah.”
“It was created by an Artificial Intelligence. So it’s definitely not plagiarism or anything.”