What is The Lunduke Journal?

The Lunduke Journal is an On-Line publication focused on Linux, Alternative Operating Systems, and Retro Computing.

Founded in 2021 by Bryan Lunduke — veteran Tech Journalist and Open Source Executive — The Lunduke Journal is now one of the most-read Open Source or Linux publications, world-wide.

100% Independent. No Corporate Influence.

The Lunduke Journal, as a policy, does not advertise for any company.

No advertisements. No sponsorships. No corporate influence of any kind.

The news and opinions you read on The Lunduke Journal are true, honest, and never swayed by any business (large or small).

This means that The Lunduke Journal is made possible entirely by subscribers… just like you.

One Publication. Three Ways to Subscribe.

The primary publication site for The Lunduke Journal is Lunduke.Substack.com.

There you will always find the latest articles, podcasts, videos, or comic strips.

There are, however, three completely different ways which you can subscribe to The Lunduke Journal — all with the same perks. Because choice is good.

  • Lunduke.Substack.com

    • Lunduke.Substack.com is the main publication site, with articles delivered directly to your E-Mail inbox.

  • Lunduke.Locals.com

    • Lunduke.Locals.com is the community site for The Lunduke Journal. A family friendly, nerd-only social media platform. Truly a magical place.

  • Patreon.com/BryanLunduke

    • Patreon.com provides an option for Patreon users to enjoy all the goodies and perks while supporting The Lunduke Journal.

Whichever site you choose to use, you are an equal subscriber to The Lunduke Journal!

All three options directly support the work of The Lunduke Journal, and all three give you, the subscriber, with all of the same perks and goodies. Choose the option you like best!

So Many Perks for Subscribers.

The number of perks for subscribers to The Lunduke Journal is absolutely staggering.

Plus you get all sorts of warm fuzzy feelings, knowing that you are supporting a 100% independent — and 100% nerdy — publication.

No other publication, on planet Earth, comes even close to providing this insane level of perks and goodies. It is an absolute treasure trove of nerdy goodness.

Founding Member Subscriptions for Extra Awesomeness.

The Founding Member subscriptions are an extra fancy tier that helps to keep the cost of the regular subscriptions as low as humanly possible.

Founding Members get some fun extra benefits (in addition to all the benefits of the regular subscriptions):

  1. Regular video hangouts (at least once per month) exclusively for Founding Members.

  2. Name listed in the credits of any video game released or updated during your subscription.

  3. Complimentary full access to Lunduke.Locals.com if you become a Founding Member on Substack. -or- Complimentary full access to Lunduke.Substack.com if you become a Founding Member on Locals.

    1. To obtain the complimentary access, after you become a Founding Member subscriber, email bryan@lunduke.com with “Founding Member Access” as the subject. Include the email addresses you use on your Substack and Locals accounts. Lunduke will get back to you as soon as your account is setup (usually just a couple hours).

  4. Coming Soon: Access to The Lunduke Journal Nextcloud server, which includes every podcast and video Lunduke has ever recorded (including episodes of old podcasts Lunduke has been a part of) — plus early access to new shows before they get released publicly — as downloadable files.

  5. At the $300 level or above: A one hour, 1-on-1 video chat with lunduke… which you own the recording of.

    1. Interview Lunduke for a podcast or YouTube channel. Ask Lunduke for help in planning a marketing campaign for an Open Source project. Have Lunduke try to fix your broken Xorg configuration. Or just tell each other dad jokes. The sky’s the limit.

How to Become a Founding Member.

On Substack:

Go to the Lunduke.Substack.com subscription page. Select “Founding Member” and enter any amount in the field in the field you are comfortable with ($300 if you want the 1-on-1 video chat perk).

On Locals:

Go to the Lunduke.Locals.com subscription page. Select the “Annual” option. Then enter the amount you are comfortable with (again, $300 or more for the 1-on-1 chat).

($1,000,00 is just an example. A really, really amazing example.)

So many options! Which way is best!

“Three different websites you can use to subscribe to the exact same publication!? Insanity! Nobody does that!”

Wild, right? Here at The Lunduke Journal, you have the option to choose the website and service that is the easiest, and best for you - Substack, Locals, or Patreon.

If you’re having trouble deciding, here is the official recommendation:

Choose Substack, and go with a Founding Member subscription. This has a few key benefits:

  • You will receive the daily emails with new articles and other content.

  • You can receive full, complimentary access to Lunduke.Locals.com.

    • Think of Lunduke.Locals.com like Twitter. Except only for The Lunduke Journal community, family friendly, troll free, and super nerdy. It is one of the happiest places to hang out on the entire Internet.

But, truthfully, there is no wrong way to subscribe!

No matter what, it is great to have you here! Your support means the absolute world — and helps to directly keep The Lunduke Journal running and producing amazing, nerdy stuff for all of us to enjoy!