How To Subscribe to The Lunduke Journal

Note: The Lunduke Journal of Technology has moved exclusively to Locals. For all new content — including all subscriber benefits — see the links below.

Everything you need to know about The Lunduke Journal is at “The Lunduke Journal Link Central”. Including:

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Part of The Lunduke Journal Triforce of Nerdiness is one of the three distinct, and incredibly nerdy, publications in The Lunduke Journal family -- also known as "The Lunduke Journal Triforce of Nerdiness".

  1. "The Lunduke Journal of Technology" - Computer history, news, opinion, & satire.  Covering everything form Linux & UNIX to Amiga & DOS.

  2. "The Lunduke Journal of Nerdy Entertainment & Retro Delights" - Nerdy entertainment, spanning all genres, mediums, and eras.

  3. "The Lunduke Journal of Conservative Nerdiness" - The only place in The Lunduke Journal world where politics are allowed.  Politics... from a nerdy perspective.

You can subscribe to each individually, or you can get yourself a "Triple Pass" yearly Subscription -- which will provide you with full access to all three for one year.