How To Subscribe to The Lunduke Journal

Oct 9, 2022

NOTE: As of May 9, 2023 — The Lunduke Journal has moved exclusively to Locals. For all new content — including all subscriber benefits — see the links below.

Part of The Lunduke Journal Triforce of Nerdiness

This is one of the three distinct, and incredibly nerdy, publications in The Lunduke Journal family -- also known as "The Lunduke Journal Triforce of Nerdiness".

  1. "The Lunduke Journal of Technology" - Computer history, news, opinion, & satire.  Covering everything form Linux & UNIX to Amiga & DOS.

  2. "The Lunduke Journal of Nerdy Entertainment & Retro Delights" - Nerdy entertainment, spanning all genres, mediums, and eras.

  3. "The Lunduke Journal of Conservative Nerdiness" - The only place in The Lunduke Journal world where politics are allowed.  Politics... from a nerdy perspective.

You can subscribe to each individually, or you can get yourself a "Lunduke Journal Founding Member" yearly Subscription -- which will provide you with full access to all three for one year.

Perks for Lunduke Journal of Technology Subscribers (and Founding Members)

Beyond the regular exclusive articles and podcast episodes, there is a small mountain of exclusives and goodies only available for subscribers:

  • The entire back-catalog of articles and podcasts

  • 10 DRM-Free books (and counting). Really, really nerdy ones.

  • Monthly PDFs of all of the Lunduke Journal of Technology Magazine (containing every article published during the month, including exclusives).

  • A HUGE collection of exclusive videos (including the entire Linux Sucks series)

  • Multiple video games (for DOS and Linux).

Founding Member Subscriptions

Want access to the entire family of Lunduke Journal publications?

Founding Member Subscription: $125/ Year

Benefits: Everything from the Standard Subscription (above), plus:

How to Become a Founding Member Subscriber

Picking up a Founding Member Subscription is incredibly easy:

  1. Go to the subscription page.

  2. Select the “Annual” option, and select “Card”.

  3. Then enter $125 for a yearly Founding Member Subscription.

You will then be contacted by Lunduke, using the email address you sign up with, to finalize setting up your account across all Locals sites.

The subscription page will look something like this. If you want to tip some extra, you can. This guy decided to tip One Million Dollars, apparently. Which… Lunduke will allow.