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8-Bit Week: The Grand Finale

8-Bit Week: The Grand Finale

Scheduled: BSD Week, Linux Games Week, Serenity OS Week, & Plan 9 Week!

I think I can confidently say that 8-Bit Week, here at The Lunduke Journal, was a massive success!

While previous themed weeks have been a blast (including DOS Week, Haiku Week, & PDA Week), 8-Bit Week blew them all out of the water… with a huge amount of wildly varied content posted by all of you in The Lunduke Journal Community.

The collection of links to 8-Bit Weeks posts for Days 1 & 2 and Days 3 & 4 are already available. The final few days worth of links will be posted to shortly (there were a lot of 8-Bit posts from the community, taking a while to catalog them all!).

Upcoming Themed Weeks

Mark your calendars! We’ve got a number of themed weeks coming up over the next few months!

  • BSD WeekFeb 15 - 22 — A full week focused on BSD. Every BSD. New and old.

  • Linux Games WeekMar 29 - Apr 5 — Playing games. On Linux. All week. Good times shall be had.

  • Serenity OS WeekMay 10 - 17 — With Serenity OS making massive strides, now is a good time to get acquainted with this new system!

  • Plan 9 WeekJune 21 - 28 — The Plan 9 operating system is a crazy beast! But have you ever spent time with it? Now’s your chance!

A heck of a way to kick of 2023 — and we’ve got more ideas for themed weeks after that! (Some ideas include: 16-Bit Game Console Week, Classic Mac Week, and a bunch more.)

Other Upcoming Events

There’s a few more fun events happening over the coming weeks as well.

  • Video HangoutJan 14 at 12pm Eastern — A special video chat just for Founding Member and Lifetime Subscribers.

  • “macOS Sucks” Live StreamJan 28 at 12pm Eastern — Lunduke is going to give macOS the business. Live (with recording to follow).

Reminder: All of these events and themed weeks require a full subscription to The Lunduke Journal to enjoy.

To take active part in the Themed Weeks (and be able to post to the community), you’ll need an account at

The “Founding Member” subscription is highly recommended as it gives you full access to both and (the community site).