Mar 5 • 52M

The Lunduke Big Tech Show - Mar 5, 2023 - Hour 2

You ask Tech questions! Lunduke answers!

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Bryan Lunduke
Make Computers Fun Again
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A flood of questions from all of you… and Lunduke attempts to answer them!

The topics in Hour 2 are all over the map. From issues with Ubuntu Linux… to building your own computer… to KVM Switches that don’t suck.

Hour 1 of this week’s show is available on Substack and Locals.

The Glorious Music You Heard in the Show:

  • Knikkerbakker from the album “NMK II” by No More Kings

  • Bad, Bad Leroy Brown from “NMK II” by No More Kings

  • Our House from the album “Cover to Cover vol 1” by Pete Mitchell

Music from Pete Mitchell and No More Kings provided courtesy of the amazing Pete Mitchell. You can find more of his music and art at Visit his shop. Highly recommended.

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