The Lunduke Journal of Technology
The Lunduke Journal of Technology
The Lunduke Big Tech Show - Mar 5, 2023 - Hour 1

The Lunduke Big Tech Show - Mar 5, 2023 - Hour 1

Tech News, Computer History, and Other Important Stuff.

Brace yourself for one heck of a show!

  • Thrill! As Lunduke complains about Copyright laws!

  • Marvel! At This Week in Computer History (including The Core Memory Patent Wars of 1956 and the very first meeting of the Homebrew Computer Club)!

  • Stand Astonished! As the Tech and Computer news of the week flies into your brain!

  • Get All Twitterpated! While Lunduke regales you with a tale of someone trying to get out of using Windows at work… because of religious objections. Seriously.

Tune in to Hour 2 of the show where Lunduke takes questions from all of you… and even answers a few.

The Glorious Music You Heard in the Show:

  • Copenhagen by Bix Beiderbecke and The Wolverines - recorded in 1924

  • The Living Dead from the album “NMK III" by No More Kings

  • Tax Man from the album “Cover to Cover” by Pete Mitchell

  • My Own Little Town from the album “We Know What You Think of Us” by Pete Mitchell

Music from Pete Mitchell and No More Kings provided courtesy of the amazing Pete Mitchell. You can find more of his music and art at Visit his shop. Highly recommended.

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