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The Lunduke Big Tech Show - Mar 26, 2023

Tech News, Listener Questions, & Other Nerdy Stuff.

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Bryan Lunduke
Make Computers Fun Again
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Buckle up, Buttercup! Prepare your earbuds for the biggest gosh darned Tech show ever to blast into your brain cavity!

  • Thrill! As Lunduke regales you with stories about the great Gordon Moore!

  • Marvel! At a Linux powered, ride-able, mechanical spider!

  • Stand Astonished! As Lunduke takes questions from all of you amazing nerds!

  • Get All Twitterpated! When Lunduke tells you how to convince people to use Linux… without bringing up that whole “Free Software” mishegoss.

The Glorious Music You Heard in the Show:

  • Keep Smiling At Trouble by Al Jolson, B. G. De Sylva, and Lewis E. Gensler

  • You Make My Dreams Come True from the album “Musings on Mars" by Pete Mitchell & Bill Zappia

  • Knickerbaker from the album “NMK III" by No More Kings

  • Bad, Bad Leroy Brown from the album “NMK III" by No More Kings

  • Our House from the album “Cover to Cover vol. 1” by Pete Mitchell

Music from Pete Mitchell and No More Kings provided courtesy of the amazing Pete Mitchell. You can find more of his music and art at Visit his shop. Highly recommended.

Music from Al Jolson (et al) is in the Public Domain. But Al Jolson is awesome.

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It is, to coin a phrase, so choice.