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Command Line Week starts... now!

Command Line Week starts... now!

Shells. Terminals. Text User Interfaces. All week long.

Officially “Command Line Week” starts at 8am (Eastern) on Wednesday.

But I’m just too excited. So I recorded the podcast episode and am posting it about 10 hours early. Let’s do this!

Here is a quick outline of the schedule of events (all times Eastern):

  • Wednesday, Oct 12 @ 8am — Command Line Week kickoff podcast

  • All Week — The Community posting all manner of Command Line goodies at

  • Saturday, Oct 15 @ 11am — Video Hangout for Founding Members and Lifetime Subscribers

  • Saturday, Oct 15 @ 12pm — Text Chat for all subscribers over on

  • Wednesday, Oct 19 @ 8am — Wrap-up podcast

Plus: Over the course of the week, I’ll be posting articles related to the Command Line (Linux Shells, etc.) on The Lunduke Journal — like the recent “The History of the First Computer Shell”.

And don’t miss Gabe’s Awesome List of TUI Software! It’s a fantastic place to start on your Command Line journey!

Make sure you have a account!

This is key to unlocking the full enjoyment of Command Line Week!

While Substack is absolutely amazing, Locals provides the community features we need to fully enjoy the awesomeness of something like this — including the ability for everyone to make top-level posts, live chats, and more. It simply is not possible entirely via Substack.

To make getting a Locals account easier for folks, I’m going to have a very specific sale… that is only available if you take advantage of it through

I know. I know. I said I wasn’t going to have any more sales this year. But I am so excited about Command Line Week — I don’t want anyone to miss out! Plus… I’m the boss. I can change my mind if I want to. ;)

How to take advantage of this deal

Repeat: This sale is only available if you create an account on The whole point is to bring more of you over to Locals to enjoy the good times! However, both of these options also come with full access on Substack as well! Best of both worlds!

  1. Go to

  2. Choose “Card” and “Annual”.

  3. Enter the amount of the subscription you want (choose from the options below).

  4. Lunduke will follow up with you to make sure you have full access to both Substack and Locals. (This usually only takes a couple hours.)

Founding Member Subscription - Cost: $125 / Year $75 / Year

Benefits: Everything from the Standard Subscription, plus:

  • A monthly video hangout with Lunduke & other Founding Members

  • Full access to both and

  • Founding Member Email Newsletter

  • Personalized Audio Messages

Lifetime Subscription - Cost $350 (one time) $200 (one time)

Benefits: Everything from the Founding Member Subscription:

  • For life… pay once, and and you get all of the perks… for as long as The Lunduke Journal exists. Which, considering Lunduke has been publishing articles and podcasts for over 15 years, is likely to be a good, long time.

I highly recommend the Lifetime Subscription. It is just such a good deal.

Note: This deal cannot be combined with the “Upgrade System of Awesomeness” (where you can apply your current subscription towards an upgraded one. It’s already too good of a deal. Stacking them would just be… insane. :)