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Ask Lunduke Anything! (As long as it's nerdy.)

The Lunduke Journal of Technology Podcast - Jan 17, 2023

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Bryan Lunduke
Make Computers Fun Again
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We haven’t done a good Q&A in a while… let’s remedy that! The following (fantastic) questions were contributed by The Lunduke Journal of Technology Community. I was only able to get through a portion of them before we ran out of time… we’ll have to do this again soon!

“I’d love to hear more stories of the 90s industry. I was still in school that decade.” - Edward

“How do you feel about the current state of Apple and Microsoft as far as desktop PCs go? What do you think about the future of life on the desktop PC?” - Hank

“Office or ClarisWorks?” - MGAddict

“One for the "wildly hypothetical" column: a superpowered computer virus escapes from a lab in Asia, spreads to every Windows, Linux, and macOS machine on the Internet, and corrupts all of their boot sectors. What's your survival plan?” - Carter

“Are you already running Haiku for all of your production etc work? Or is something still missing that you can not yet do? How long have you used Haiku for production? Or, if you are using something else, what are you using?” - xet7

“Is it possible to get all materials and manufacture computers at some country at America or EU ? Or does most manufacturing still depend on Asia?” - xet7

“What is your most favorite program that you have ever developed?” - Patrick

“Can you recite the following as quickly as possible?

I slit a sheet, a sheet, I slit.
Upon a slitted sheet, I sit.” - Scott

“More seriously, in your opinion what are some of the dumbest iot currently available?” - Scott

“What is your favorite gaming system of all time? (Can be console or computer)” - detrohutt

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