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The Lunduke Journal of Technology
Lunduke Journal Community Weekly Highlights - Oct 21, 2022

Lunduke Journal Community Weekly Highlights - Oct 21, 2022

From "Command Line" shenanigans to 8-Bit fantasy VMs. So much fun stuff happened this week.

There is always something fun and nerdy happening over on The Lunduke Journal Community ( Let’s take a tour of some of my favorite stuff that’s being talked about this week (ending October 21st, 2022).

Note: This is by no means comprehensive. This is just a handful of the fun posts that jumped out at me this week. Things that made me smile. More family friendly, troll-free nerdiness than you can shake a stick at.

Here is the podcast. And the links. All in one place.

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“Command Line Week” ends!

On Wednesday, “Command Line Week” ended. It was most outstanding.

Wolfenstein, Enemy Territory is currently free at GOG

Nullman alerted us to this deal. Free game. No DRM. Sweet.

Meatlotion had a video chat with Michael Tomczyk

Michael Tomczyk was the PM for the Commodore VIC-20. Legend. And one of our community members had a video chat with him. So groovy.

A new 8-Bit fantasy computer / VM

GeekOnSkates shows off his new project: Geek-Rig. Here’s how he describes it:

“The Geek-Rig is software that works like a brand new 8-bit computer. I've heard all kinds of names for projects like this, ranging from "fantasy emulator" to "emulator of a system that doesn't exist" to "virtual machine". I kind of like the idea of calling it a VM, cuz that really is the most accurate and least wordy description. Anyway, it runs on an emulated 6502, the same processor as most 8-bit things ran on, and designed to run inside a Linux terminal. I expect its main purpose will be for games, though of course it's not limited to just that.”

So cool!

Is there a WYSIWYG word processor that doesn’t suck?

Peleg posed the question. Many, many thoughts.

Getting stuff done in Haiku!

ArchieT is getting a jump start on Haiku Week (which doesn’t start for a few weeks). With a screenshot.

Mystery 8-Bit computing boxes!

What is inside them?! Sdloveless wonders if you can figure it out!

Roguelike Contest Winners!

Thanks to xibb for running this Roguelike contest!

Fixing a Gameboy Color Pokemon cartridge

Retropunk did some surgery on a GBC cartridge… because those backup batteries don’t last forever!

A new “Multi-Relay Chat” BBS door!

MeatLotion shares progress he (and another dev) have been making on mrcX — a new BBS door that is a version of “Multi-Relay Chat”. A chat room software, that works on telnet BBS’s, that allows you to chat with others on different BBS’s. Rad!

ProtonMail makes some privacy improvements!

Gginorio alerted us that ProtonMail no longer requires a phone number or existing email address to set up an account. A good thing for those concerned with privacy!

Plus one of the kindest, happiest, nerdiest communities this side of the Rio. Seriously. Subscribing is pretty cool.