Jan 17 • 14M

Announcing the second publication in The Lunduke Journal family.

The Lunduke Journal of Technology Podcast - Jan 16, 2023

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Bryan Lunduke
Make Computers Fun Again
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The Lunduke Journal of Technology has always been a “Politics-free” zone — a place where we can focus purely on the nerdy stuff that unites us all together.

Some time back I created the “Conservative Nerds” community to provide a fun place for nerds to discuss political topics (in large part as an outlet to help keep The Lunduke Journal of Technology completely free of all politics).

Starting today, the “Conservative Nerds” community is becoming a full publication:

The Lunduke Journal of Conservative Nerdiness.

Ever think to yourself, “Gee, I sure to enjoy The Lunduke Journal of Technology… but I wish Lunduke would dive into the politically charged topics”? This is for you.

Articles. Podcasts. Comics. All with a politically and nerdy flair.

Check out the podcast for all the details.

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Note: This has zero impact on The Lunduke Journal of Technology. It will stay exactly the same as it always has. Pure, nerdy joy. Free from all politics. If you want to avoid all politics.. The Lunduke Journal of Technology will always be a great place to get your nerd on.