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Lunduke's Normal Computing News - Nov 9, 2022

Lunduke's Normal Computing News - Nov 9, 2022

Apple worth more than Google + Facebook + Amazon, Microsoft sued for GitHub Copilot, Canonical shows future of Ubuntu

It’s time for the weekly normal computer news. The Big Tech stuff that’s worth taking a look at.

Apple now worth more than Google, Amazon, and Meta… combined


“Apple finished Wednesday's session with a $2.31 trillion market cap, according to Yahoo! Finance data. Alphabet, Amazon, and Meta were worth a combined $2.3 trillion.”

Microsoft sued for GitHub Copilot

The Joseph Saveri Law Firm has filed a suit against Microsoft.

According to Bleeping Computing:

The complaint was submitted to the U.S. District Court of the Northern District of California, demanding the approval of statutory damages of $9,000,000,000.

"Each time Copilot provides an unlawful Output it violates Section 1202 three times (distributing the Licensed Materials without: (1) attribution, (2) copyright notice, and (3) License Terms)," reads the complaint.

"So, if each user receives just one Output that violates Section 1202 throughout their time using Copilot (up to fifteen months for the earliest adopters), then GitHub and OpenAI have violated the DMCA 3,600,000 times. At minimum statutory damages of $2500 per violation, that translates to $9,000,000,000."

Microsoft releases Teams “progressive web app” for Linux

We’re excited to announce the general availability of support for the Microsoft Teams progressive web app (PWA) as a feature of our current web client for Linux customers.

Linux customers who rely on Microsoft Teams for collaboration and communication needs told us they want the full richness of Teams features available for their users in a secure way. This can now be achieved using the Teams PWA.

Additionally, the PWA enables us to ship the latest Microsoft Teams features faster to our Linux customers and helps us bridge the gaps between the Teams desktop client on Linux and Windows. The PWA experience is available for both Edge and Chrome browsers running on Linux.

The PWA offers access to more capabilities, including custom backgrounds, gallery view, reactions, the raise-a-hand feature in meetings, as well as large gallery and Together mode views. The PWA also provides desktop-like app features, such as system notifications for chat and channel, a dock icon with respective controls, application auto-start, and easy access to system app permissions.

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							Microsoft Teams progressive web app now available on Linux

Ubuntu Summit 2022 shows Canonical’s plans for the future

Canonical has held their first, in-person Ubuntu Summit for a few years. With sessions on a number of topics, with keynotes on:

  • The Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) - Latest updates and future improvements

  • An Ubuntu for a 10 ton steel press and your window shades, UbuntuCore at a glance

The Register notes strong emphasis on UbuntuCore, IoT, and snap packaging. Giving us all a little peek into what Canonical plans to focus on going forward.