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BSD Week Extended by an Extra Week!

BSD Week Extended by an Extra Week!

The Lunduke Journal of Technology Podcast - Feb 20, 2023

By popular request, we are extending BSD Week — originally scheduled to end on Wednesday — by a whole extra week! “BSD Week” will now run until Wednesday, March 1st!

All of you wanted more BSD time… so you got it!

This works great for me as well.

My BSD articles keep expanding, and growing in scope (and number) — with my BSD History series now looking to be a total of 4 individual articles.

Plus, there are multiple BSD things I haven't had the chance to try yet that I really want to (including 2.11BSD and GhostBSD).

Then there’s the fact that I'm a bit distracted for two or three days, at the beginning of this week, as I prepare for the big demo and meeting to get my own weekly “Lunduke Journal” radio show

So, more BSD Week? I’m game!

Extending the Pay-What-You-Want Sale until Tuesday at 10am (Central)

Likewise, we’re also extending (slightly) the current sale. (Huge thanks to everyone who has taken advantage of it! You are awesome!)

This sale was originally set to end at Midnight tonight… but let’s let it run until tomorrow morning (Tuesday) at — say — 10am Central Time.

That way there’s enough time for folks to take advantage of it in various time zones.

Here’s the crazy deal (super duper discounted):

  • Anything over $50 will qualify for a Founding Member Subscription.

  • And anything over $125 will qualify for a Lifetime Subscription

This is insanely cheap. Obviously, if you feel you can afford a higher amount… that would be appreciated. But if those amounts are all you can afford? Go for it!

While these prices are — obviously — crazy low… if it results in a significant surge in new or upgraded subscriptions it will be MORE than worth it.

To get a Founding Member Subscription:

  1. Go to

  2. Choose the "Annual" option.

  3. Enter "$50" (or more) in the amount field.

To get a Lifetime Subscription:

  1. Go to

  2. Choose "Give Once".

  3. Enter "$125" (or more) in the amount field.

Note I am processing these manually, so give me a few hours to upgrade your accounts (on both Substack and Locals) after you make the purchase. I will contact each of you by email after I set your accounts properly. If you don’t hear from me within a day, send an email to to make sure your accounts get full access.

What do we call the 2nd week of BSD Week?

One of the only real problems with extending BSD Week… is what in the heck do we call the second week?

Here are a few ideas that have been thrown around:

  • 2BSD Week (or BSD 2Week)

  • BSD Week ++

  • while true; do echo "BSD week"; sleep 1; done

    20 GOTO 10

  • BSD...When Forks Happen

  • "I'll be back"  - BSDweek 2.0

Whatever we call it… the second week of “BSD Week” will be great. Gives us a chance to dive ever deeper into the wild world of BSD!

Personally I like “BSD 2Week”. Feels on-brand for early BSD versioning.