Net Neutrality. No big deal.

Back in 2017, this video caused some people to get very, very grumpy.

This video was originally released on November 22, 2017.

And… it immediately made people cranky. So cranky, in fact, that a group of people organized and started calling (and E-Mailing) all of the companies that sponsored my show at the time — with the goal of making life miserable for those companies until they stopped advertising with my show.

(Worth noting: Not one of the companies that sponsored my show dropped me because of that campaign of craziness. To their credit. They held strong and stood by me.)

This is the description of the show those people were upset about:

Let's talk about Net Neutrality. Specifically... how people are freaking out about it... and it's not really that big of a deal.

That’s right. People got crazy angry because I chose to not take a hard stance on a topic.

It was absolutely wild.

This is the unedited version of that show, exactly as it aired in 2017.

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