Mar 7 • 30M

Linux Sucks 2023, The Big Tech Show, and assorted craziness

New PDF Magazine issue, subscription option changes, next video hangout and more.

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Make Computers Fun Again
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Super quick re-cap (listen to the podcast episode for all the details):

  • The new Big Show. 2 Hours. Ever Sunday.

  • Latest issues of PDF Magazine is out.

  • Next Founding Member Video Hangout: Saturday, March 11th at Noon Central.

  • Linux Sucks 2023, macOS Sucks, and Star Trek Sucks : Live streamed only for subscribers on March 18th (Saturday).

  • “Linux Games Week” begins, over on, on Wednesday, March 29th.

Upcoming changes to subscription options:

  • Monthly subscription price going up (existing monthly subscribers grandfathered in at their existing price).

    • Yearly and Founding Member prices will be going up at the same time.

  • Soon, no new Lifetime Subscriptions will be offered (existing Lifetime Subscriptions, obviously, are honored for life).

Until those changes are implemented: The deal below is being offered.

This will all happen quickly, meaning this deal will also go away quickly. More details on why in the show.

NOTE: This deal is still available and Lifetime Subscriptions are still available.

As soon as the deal ends — and new Lifetime Subscriptions are no longer available — I will state so on this page.

Here’s the deal:

  • Anything over $50 will qualify for a Founding Member Subscription.

  • And anything over $125 will qualify for a Lifetime Subscription

Both options give you full access to all sites in The Lunduke Journal (including both Locals and Substack). See here for details on all the perks.

To get a Founding Member Subscription:

  1. Go to

  2. Choose the "Annual" option.

  3. Enter "$50" (or more) in the amount field.

To get a Lifetime Subscription:

  1. Go to

  2. Choose "Give Once".

  3. Enter "$125" (or more) in the amount field.

Note I am processing these manually, so give me a few hours to upgrade your accounts (on both Substack and Locals) after you make the purchase. I will contact each of you by email after I set your accounts properly. If you don’t hear from me within a day, send an email to to make sure your accounts get full access.