Linux Sucks 2019 - "The Lost Recordings"

aka "The Great Trainwreck"

In 2019, I did a live show called "Linux Sucks: In Space" at LinuxFest Northwest.

That show was a total trainwreck.

These are the only usable 17 minutes from that show.

Significant portions of the video were lost. The entire slide deck was lost (seriously). I had two of my kids with me (3 and 8) as my wife was at home with our newborn -- and my 3 year old managed to get into several portions of the video (and audio)... being as I don't want to publish widely distributed video of my kids, those chunks became unusable. Add to that the fact that some portions of the show just went off the rails anyway... Whew! What a mess!

What can ya do, eh? :)

Luckily there were some really fun, usable clips. These are all of those, stitched together.

This is for the Linux Sucks fans out there. The die-hards. Enjoy. :)

Some reactions from folks who have seen this massive trainwreck of a show:

“Worth it.”

“I saw this live, and it was indeed a trainwreck lol.”

“Haha, this was pretty dang great!”

“This is a train wreck in the best way.”

“Haha. I love your request to the entire crowd to hack your windows 3.11 machine.”

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Bryan Lunduke