Linux DOESN'T Suck 2013

So much shaky-cam!


"Why Linux DOESN’T Suck" was presented live during Linux Fest NorthWest 2013.

This is the second part of a two part show… Be sure to watch "Why Linux Sucks" from 2013 first. They go together. Like PB&J. Together, they provide an interesting snapshot of what Linux was like back in 2013.

In the conference schedule, there was a description of this show… but it appears lost to time. I believe it read something like this:

“That guy who said Linux Sucks is stupid.”

A few random historical notes about this show:

  • The two guys who were talking a lot during the presentation (referred to in the video as "SUSE" and "Fedora") are actually James Mason (who worked on SUSE) and Adam Williamson (who worked on Fedora). And are, in fact, quite fantastic guys. These are two of the smartest, most excellent dudes I have ever met. So we won't execute them for their interruptions. THIS TIME.

  • Big thanks to Kevin Burkeland for recording this copy of the event. There were… issues with recording equipment. Kevin bravely stepped in and did what he could by recording the whole thing with my (Linux powered) N900 smartphone.

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