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Imagine a world without The Lunduke Journal

Exclusive leaks from Red Hat, IBM, and Microsoft. Deep, investigative journalism -- including coverage of Mozilla, The Linux Foundation, Wikipedia, and more.

News that has a massive impact on the entire Tech Industry -- topics (and companies) that no other publication has been able to cover. Plus fun shows, comics, and other nerdy entertainment.

What would a world without The Lunduke Journal look like? I shudder to think.

What The Lunduke Journal does is only possible because we are 100% free from the influence of Big Tech and advertisers -- because of subscribers like you.

Help us stay ad-free. Help us keep up the fight for truth in the Tech Industry. Subscribe today, and help The Lunduke Journal keep on rocking.

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You've seen what The Lunduke Journal has been able to do -- imagine what this publication could accomplish with the help of a dedicated investigative Producer.

If enough subscribers join... that will become possible. Tantalizing thought, eh? So subscribe now. Help The Lunduke Journal continue our work. And be sure to get access to all of the leaks, articles, and shows already lined up over the coming days.