Tech Journalism Roundtable - July 25, 2016

With some of the most prolific Tech Journalists working at the time.

Back in 2016, I held a small roundtable discussion on the state of Tech Journalism with the following writers:

  • Steven Vaughan-Nichols (ZDNet, CBS)

  • Rikki Endsley (

  • Whitson Gordon (How-To Geek, LifeHacker)

  • Matt Hartley (Datamation, Lockergnome)

  • and myself (at the time writing for Network World)

The original description as published back in 2016:

“We hang out with some some of our technology journalist buddies -- Steven Vaughan-Nichols, Rikki Endsley, and Whitson Gordon -- to talk about click-bait, journalistic integrity and how the mainstream news so often get tech topics wrong. Plus a surprise appearance from a wounded tech journalist, Jack Wallen.”

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