Jan 29, 2022·edited Jan 29, 2022

With so much money you can make gaming on Linux (without obstacles) a reality in 1 year... And Linux just by the fact that it exists made more for equity and justice then any other corporation already. It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, black or white - Linux works the same.

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Jan 13, 2022·edited Jan 13, 2022

Because ethics is a key reason to use Linux... I find facts such as these, and the choosing to discriminate entry to conferences to people based off their politics... to be incredibly concerning. Does this mean FreeBSD (or one of the BSDs) is the answer for a truly free and ethical operating system? Or is the Linux Foundation's obvious political and newfound corporate bias not an ethnical issue for the user? Questions to be pondered.

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Dec 31, 2021·edited Dec 31, 2021

Yeah, many projects seem to be infested with these kinds of leftist ideas now. Not liberal as in free speech and free beer and free association, but hardcore authoritarian leftists like Nazi Germany and if you disagree with them they will try to character assassinate you for calling it out.

Mostly it's just manipulative behavior to get at the funds and have social status through virtue signaling and false virtue

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