I couldn't use Windows productively at my work. It is too limiting for me and too slow to maneuver for my systems administration work. There's likely potential to improve, but I have so many tools on my non-Windows computers that are easy to get. Even easier on macOS with homebrew, when I used that for a time

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For myself, Windows is really the only OS that I cannot use productively. Largely, I realize that this comes down to discipline and self-regulation. Windows makes me irrationally angry. I cannot handle the pop-up notifications that seem to constantly occur, the radically inconsistent and cluttered UI (there was a time that I had this complaint about default Linux, but Linux is customizable so it's not truly a problem), the ribbon, and the inability to know how the system will behave within the next 5 minutes. More importantly, Windows breaks in ways that I had heretofore never seen anywhere. For example: updates making the system unable to boot, updates breaking the ability to receive updates, sudden and inexplicable absences of required components, and sudden and inexplicable changing of nearly any setting. I say this as someone who has used a very wide variety of operating systems both professional and hobbyist. I never seen anything as bad as Windows has become anywhere else. This is actually a bit of a tragedy as Microsoft's Windows NT (which is really just a slightly more different VMS) is technologically quite sophisticated. There is no reason for any NT system to be as bad as Windows now is. From my perspective, it would seem that Microsoft is actively attempting to kill Windows and grow the macOS and Linux user bases. As Microsoft essentially is the Linux Foundation, I suppose this shouldn't be surprising...

Hopefully, SerenityOS will save us all.

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