The Lunduke Journal of Technology
The Lunduke Journal of Technology
BSD Week begins at The Lunduke Journal of Technology!

BSD Week begins at The Lunduke Journal of Technology!

An entire week devoted to everything BSD -- both old and new!

So much BSD! All week long!

From the beginning of BSD all the way through to present day systems! BSD 2.11, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, HelloSystem, NetBSD, Dragonfly BSD! You name a BSD, and we’re probably going to be doing something with it this week.

You can follow the articles and podcasts at (Some free, some for subscribers only.)

And the rest of the action — including posts from the entire community — is going to be at

How to get the most out of BSD Week

While there will be a number of articles posted to, you’ll want two things to really get the most out of the week:

  1. An account on — this is where the community will be posting about their own adventures in BSD land (along with a number of Lunduke’s posts that won’t appear anywhere else).

  2. A full subscription to The Lunduke Journal of Technology — some of the best articles will be only for full, paid subscribers.

If you’ve got those two things… you’re all set!

You can participate in BSD Week in oh-so-many ways! Everything from installing and running a BSD variant on your own system… to simply lurking and enjoying the articles, podcasts, and posts from the community.

A little incentive in case you haven’t picked up your subscription yet

At the beginning of the month, the third publication in “The Lunduke Journal Triforce of Nerdiness” was announced, focusing on Nerdy Entertainment.

And, with it, the Lunduke Journal Founding Membership option was expanded to include full access to all three publications — including full access to both Substack and Locals.

This really is the best way to take full advantage of everything happening here in the world of The Lunduke Journal. To make it a bit easier to take the plunge — and help you to follow the fun — the price is reduced until the end of BSD Week.

From now until February 22nd at 8am (Eastern), the following discounts are in effect:

  • One Year of Founding Membership is $95 -- (Normally $125)

  • A Lifetime Membership is $295 -- (Normally $350)

Important Note: This is only available if you pick up the subscription via Locals.

To get a Founding Member Subscription:

  1. Go to

  2. Choose the "Annual" option.

  3. Enter "$95" in the amount field.

To get a Lifetime Subscription:

  1. Go to

  2. Choose "Give Once".

  3. Enter "$295" in the amount field.

Lunduke will then set your accounts to full access across the whole Lunduke Journal family of publications (it is a manual process, so give Lunduke a few hours to take care of it). And feel free to reach out at if you have any questions or hit any snags.