Rounding the bend on my case of Covid

Starting to come out of my bout with the WuFlu.

Closing in on two weeks since I came down with a case of the Covid. Kicked my tuchus pretty well, but never got bad enough to warrant hospitalization.

The rest of my family all recovered faster than I did (it barely phased the kiddos). But now I’m starting to shake it off as well.

And, hey! Now we’ll have the best possible immunity to the darn thing. So… silver lining!

A huge thanks to all the support and good vibes so many of you have sent in over the last two weeks. The Lunduke Journal community is the absolute best, kindest, friendliest group of nerds this side of anywhere.

If recovery keeps up (knock on wood), I should be back to normal soon. I’m not going to rush things (heard way too many horror stories of people jumping the gun with this virus and pushing it before they were fully healed up), but fingers crossed.

With that said, here’s a picture of a Commodore Pet. Looking gorgeous.