Lunduke & Friends - Sep 16, 2021

Two hours of the nerdiest, happiest jibber jabber in the land! With Matt "Dinosaur Hunter" Hartley!

Released as Episodes 4 and 5 of The Lunduke Journal podcast, this show is a special treat only for full subscribers to The Lunduke Journal (either on Substack or Locals).

Part One

We talk about old computer magazines. And how the Twitter CEO is not Rasputin. And NES games. And various nerdy tangents. It’s just delightful.

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Part Two

We take a bunch of questions from all of you! Nerdy questions!

  • Folding phones!

  • Programming is hard!

  • The “Sweet Spot” for computing!

  • Favorite Sci-Fi authors!

  • Hypotheticals about OS/2 on a Pinebook!

  • Freedom vs Convenience! Gentoo! Other stuff!

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There’s no wrong way to get the show. Substack or Locals. Both are splendid. And both ways helps make the magic of The Lunduke Journal possible.

You can also support Matt Hartley by becoming part of his community at So nerdy. So goofy. So retro. One of the most pleasant places on the entire Internet.