A new Amiga 1200 accelerator board has appeared

New hardware upgrade (with a 68030 CPU) for a nearly 30 year old computer

I love seeing older computer hardware get new upgrades. Just warms my heart.

And the Amiga scene is, quite possibly, the most active in that regard. They just won’t let the Amiga die.

A new accelerator board for the Amiga 1200 is being launched called the Tsunami 1230.

The specs:

  • 68EC030 at 42MHZ

  • 64MB Fast RAM

  • 68882 FPU footprint ready

  • External expansion port for future upgrades

  • Clockport port (RTC only)

Note: For those not familiar with the Amiga’s, you’ll note the CPU in this accelerator card is a 68030. Same basic line of CPU’s (often just called the “68k” line) used in the pre-PPC Macintoshes. For comparison, the original Amiga 1200 used a 68020 CPU at 14 MHz. So this accelerator is a pretty hefty boost for a stock Amiga 1200.

And, according to one of the people behind the project, as of October 19th:

“Cards received from the factory and testing them.”

You can also see a video comparing performance of an Amiga 1200 outfitted with a Tsunami 1230 card… with an Amiga 1200 outfitted with a Blizzard 1230 card. (The Blizzard accelerator cards were quite popular back in the day.)

I don’t have any connection to the project, and can’t personally vouch for it, but I sure to love seeing this sort of active hardware development happening for these classic computers.