It's time for a little dive into mid-1990s computer history!
Blasphemy? Probably! But still pretty awesome!
The DevTerm R-01 is a RISC-V based "slabtop" computer.
X11 client and server. DOS. Windows 3.1. All with preemptive multitasking.
Yesterday, at approximately 5:05pm, a Seattle area man installed Arch Linux on his home computer and has yet to tell anyone. “This appears to be the…
The modern Linux distros owe their existence to those early releases, back in 1992.
During the 1970s and 1980s, Robert Tinney illustrated some of the most amazing computer artwork for BYTE magazine.
Computer magazine advertisements from the 1980s were just plain fantastic.
Macintosh Application Environment for Unix -- from back in 1994.
Imagine a smartwatch you could load any PalmOS app you wanted onto. We had that... about 20 years ago.
Linux Sucks 2022Watch now (68 min) | "This time it's personal."
No Linux distribution can remain #1 forever, right?